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This page covers Fan Art dedicated to the Eds, a.k.a Ed,Edd n Eddy. Most of the pics are made of me, but if you got a good picture of them, please send it in, and I´ll put it up along with your name. For any contributions, Please Click here to mail it to me.

(The most of the pics are made before December 1999)

Ed,Edd n Eddy are © copyright of a.k.a Cartoons.

Double D dressed for a holiday Here´s Double D clad in a red hat instead of his usual black. Is it time for X-mas Edd? Done by Jennifer in October 2000

Vampire Horror Brothers and Terrified Kanker Sisters So, the Horror brothers caught their beloved ones at final. But, judging from those expressions in the Kankers faces, they won´t like whatever the Horrors decide to do with them. Done by Jordan in October 2000

Megan, Mitzi and Little Tuptim as witches What are these three cooking up? Why not have a look? Done by the talented Miss Jordan in October 2000

Double D is sad for something.. Double D doesn´t look too happy about his fangs. Maybe Count Edward is going to do a come-back? Hope not! Made by Martin in October 2000

Ed and a pumpkin Ed has begun carving a Jack-o-lantern, but, Oh no! The brain came out! Done in October 2000 by Martin 

Little Tuptim and Count Edward Little Tuptim has caught the vampire Count Edward, and she´s not letting go. Created by Jordan in October 2000

Bady Edd Here´s Double D as a bady. CUTE! Done by Jennifer in September 2000

Double D A nice little computer animated pic of Double D. Done by Jennifer in September 2000

Eddy A computer animated picture of Eddy. He looks like he´s up to something...
Jennifer did this one in September 2000

Edd and Marie KankerSeems like Marie finally caught her boyfriend, Double D, but he doesn´t seem to care too much.
Done by Emily in September 2000.

Double D without his hat Another picture with Double D without his hat. Done by Karen in 2000

Double D sprained his foot!Double D has sprained his foot, it must hurt a lot! This is from my story A Broken ED-ship and was a request made by Jennifer H. September 2000

Penny Lane This is Ed´s hippie girl-friend, Penny Lane. August 2000 by Lindsay

Double D without his beloved hat My, my. Double D has misplaced his hat, but he doesn´t seem to care really. Done by Karen

Edd and his YoYo Double D shows off his skills with his YoYo. Done by Karen

A doodleA doodle page from my poor sketch pad. June 2000

Rolf doodle A doodle of Rolf from my period of "Rolf traning". June 2000

Want To Know Why? This picture is something that is meant to go with the life history of Commander McGranth that I´m working with. June 2000

Early Grown Hatred This picture is meant to go with Rolf Yarrick´s life history. June 2000

Imperial Heroes The Eds and Commissar Rolf assembled for a group photo. May 2000.

Sisters Of Battle I just couldn´t leave Nazz and Sarah out of the fun in the Space Outlaws, could I? April 2000

Grand Commander Eddie McGranth The famous leader of the Space Marine Legions. Not the one you would like to fight against, huh?

Master Lexicanum Edward McKenzie A psyker of enourmous power. But also a great close combatant. March 2000

Lieutenant Ed Charleston The Space Marine Lieutenant from my last episodes of "The Space Outlaws". March 2000

James Edwards Double D as a secret service agent. What next? Done by Martin in February 2000

The Eds at the stage The Eds perform "New York, New York" on stage on, where else, Broadway! February 2000

Poision Ivy Little Tuptim A neat picture of Little Tuptim by Jordan. "She´s more then a match for the Space Outlaws" she wrote in the letter to me. I belive so Jordan, I belive so...... February 2000

Lord Kevlinn I got inspiration to this one from a Warhammer40K Chaos Space Marine Berzerker Lord. January 2000

Ed Cats Seems like one of Double D´s experiments went seriously wrong. ^_^. January 2000.

Commissar Rolf I sorta revisited Commissar Rolf a bit. ^^ This was made on 3rd May 2000.

Chewing Gums are sticky This is the only pic I´ve used a light table when I did it. September 1999.

Hive Fleet Kankers Hive Queens Also goes with a fanfic on The Ed,Edd n Eddy Zone Created in December 1999.

Space Outlaws My version of the Eds as the Space Outlaws from "Dawn of the Eds". October 1999.

Edd as a Vampire Got the idea from Warhammer. September 1999.

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